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You're a digital nomad and still paying taxes in a country where you don't live? Or have you decided to leave your home but are unsure about the next steps?

Our Tax Experts assist clients on a regular basis in saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes. Get in touch now!

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3 simple Step-Roadmap

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What you will learn in your Strategy Call

Your dedicated Expert will ensure that you receive the best plan for your specific scenario. We will spend 30-60 minutes together understanding where you are now, where you want to go, and how you can get there the quickest and easiest way possible. Every month, we help dozens of businesses and digital nomads achieve similar goals.


What is my current situation?

We will evaluate your present situation as well as the aspects that are critical for a potential new business structure. We will discuss your local residency, present business setup, tax amount paid to date, real estate properties, family situation, and more.


Where do I see myself in the future?

We need to discuss your future goals in order to determine what methods make the most sense for you and if you can achieve 0% tax or not. Any reasonable recommendations must take into account your future 3 to 5 years and beyond.


How do I get there?

At, our experts will design a personalized plan for you based on your unique tax situation. We’ll help you maximize your freedom and minimize your tax liability. Potentially, you will be able to have a 100% legal, 0% tax rate.