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Free your friends from taxes, refer to them!
You don't know any potential clients? You can still make passive income with our 2nd tier downline commissions. Refer someone with a big network/audience who will bring us new clients. You will also get a commission on every client they refer!

Get Up To $600 Value For Each Referral

Taxhackers Greek Symbol.png rewards you each time you recommend us, that you are a client or not. 

  • ​1st Tier Commission: Earn up to $600 value when you refer a friend.
  • ​2nd Tier Commission: You can multiply your earnings thanks to your referrals, who will basically do the work for you.
  • ​Payout Dashboard: You'll have access to an online dashboard where you'll be able to see all upcoming commission payouts.
  • Coupon Code: You just have to share your coupon code to your audience. To be used at checkout when they book with us.
  • Transferred Directly to Your Account: We'll transfer you your commission payouts directly to your bank account. Every beginning of the following month.

We make sure that your Referrals understand their situation, learn about their best options, avoid unnecessary costs and most importantly: Save on Taxes!

How much is the Commission?

Earn money multiple times along the way.


up to


When you refer a friend

If you are a client with

  • For each Basic or Deluxe Package booked: We waive your next yearly payment as soon as you refer 3 clients (if you have a Basic Package) or 5 clients (if you have a Deluxe Package). For the additional referrals, you'll get $300 cash each time.

If you are not a client with

  • For each Basic or Deluxe Package booked: You'll get $300 cash each time.


up to


When your friends refer other friends

You are a client or not with

  • Any Package: You'll get $50 cash each time from us.


See a concrete example of what's possible with our Partner Program.


You recommend us to Oprah, who books a Company Package with us using your Coupon code. Oprah gets a 15-min consultation call with us for free (value $150).
You earn:



Oprah recommends us to 4 of her friends, who all book a Company package with us. Oprah earns a 1st tier commission ($300 x 4 = $1.200).
You earn 4 x $50:


Let's imagine you refer 10 clients to us

And they all your referrals refer other friends.
Let's say 3 people in average.

You can earn:


10 x $300 = $3.000 
10 x 3 x $50 =  $1.500
$3.000 + $1.500 = $4.500

And, this could be much more as there is no limit of the number of people you can refer.



Got questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions.


Does my referral code work for all products?

Your personal referral code works for all products at checkout. It tracks every sale you make. Even though there will be no discount, your referral is still tracked. You will get a commission later when they buy a company package.

What if my friend did not use my referral code at checkout?

You can also send them your personalized affiliate link to make sure every sale is tracked, even without using the referral code. We can also manually assign your referral if something went wrong.

When do I get my money?

You will get your commission paid out to your USD bank account at the beginning of each month (within the first two weeks, this is a manual process). If you're a client of, you need first 3 referrals (if you have a Basic Package) or 5 referrals (if you have a Deluxe Package) to get your next yearly subscription waived.

Can I get my commissions in EUR instead of USD?

Commissions are only paid out in USD to a US bank account, or we will convert the money into your currency with our bank conversion system. If you don't have any yet, we recommend this one - easy, convenient and free:

What if I refer someone with a big network/audience to you who could bring you dozens of new clients? Can I benefit as well?

Yes! Maybe you don't know that many people you could refer, but you know people with big networks and audiences.

How does the passive income work with 2nd tier commissions?

So here is an example:

You refer Elon M. to us.

Elon now sends us 10 new clients, and Elon gets his commissions.

BUT you also get your 2nd tier commissions 10x! The company package 2nd tier commission is $50 for every new client and $25 for existing LLC transfers.

If Elon sent 10 new LLC clients, you just made $500 without doing anything!

And also for Elon: If every one of his 10 new clients also refers another new client to us, Elon also gets another $50 for each client his clients refer.

Which is also another $500 for doing nothing. You can make real passive income here.

Where can I see my commissions and statistics?

You will be able to see everything in your Affiliate dashboard. Once you onboarded, we will send you your login details. You should also get an email every time a referral buys something.

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Wanna join the program?

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Fill out this short form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible to approve your application. We will then send you your login details to your Payout Dashboard and your dedicated Coupon Code to share with your friends or audience. (Evergreen Technologies LLC) does not provide legal or tax advice. The information and recommendations on our website, calls and in our marketing materials are for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as legal or tax advice. You should always consult with a lawyer or accountant before making any decisions that could have legal or tax implications.

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